About Us

swallepe.com is one of the fastest growing internet platform in China, we sell textile(include Towels , Sheets , Others , Rugs & Mats , Blankets & Throws , Pillow Cases , Kitchen & Table Linens etc.),from nearly zero to more than 200 employees across China, is efficient and thoughtful to our clients. The headquarter of swallepe.com is famous for its good commercial atmosphere and convenient source of information reception and distribution, holding the unparallel geographical advantage.

Unlike other worldwide commercial platforms, the swallepe.com is a globalized B2B wholesale center that collects made-in-China merchandise all over the country from sellers directly link to the manufacturers. Most of our products are straightly from factories, which means the lowest prices and, if disputes arise, buyers could contact the manufacturers directly and immediately.

Now that everything is ready, all we need is your consistent support, to grow up with us, together, on the road to a better future.